VW Lifestyle Ultimate


The Virtue Water Ultimate is the best way to start your alkaline water journey. This machine is the best Water Ionizer in the UK and packs a powerful punch in terms of its performance. Full pH range from 2.5 – 11.5 with amazing ORP ranges.

• pH 9.5 Alkaline Water
• Surface or Under Sink mounted
• 12 Month Standard Warranty
• Hydrates the body
• Improved taste of tap water


If you require expert installation you can add this to your cart and we’ll come out to anywhere in the UK to professionally install your Virtue Water Ionizer as well as extend your standard warranty to a 5-year warranty. 


1. This ionizer has 8 super- large titanium platinum-coated plates (Total surface area is more than 1600cm2) which increase usage life. System also has a self-cleaning function.

2. Using an advanced touch control panel technology, the system uses E-valve to control the water source.

3. Super large 3.8-inch LCD colourful screen, the LCD displays ORP, PH, flow rate, temperature and process of the water.

4. The microcomputer automatic control system for the electrolysis makes the water TDS from 50 to1500PPM.

5. The intelligent voice system can be changed to several languages.

6Patented technology, a luxury acrylic touch panel, and a modern/elegant yet simple-to-use type appearance.

7. PH levels are from 2.5 to 11.5 and ORP level from 550mv to -850mv.

8. There is a mineral port at the top of the system to add minerals if required.

9. Uses high-power SMPS power supply, the voltage is from 110V to 240V universal and is very safe and reliable. The system also has a built-in overheating radiator and continuous use function.

10. The built-in heating system, hot water temperature from 95ºF to 136.4 ºF ensures the feature of hot alkaline water without damaging your ionizer.


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