Did you know that the modern human lifestyle is generally too acidic. The food we eat, the drinks we consume (yes even bottled water is acidic) and while it may not be a huge issue to most people having an acidic diet and body can cause various challenges with ageing and the way we digest our food. The best way to combat this is to work to a more balanced, neutral body pH and the only way to do this is to change what you eat and drink.

Habits that lead to a more acidic body pH are things that we don’t even know can contribute… things such as lack of exercise, eating processed foods, lots of meat, stress and pollution all contribute to a high acid lifestyle. We’re told on a daily basis via the media to ‘improve your diet’ and ‘get more exercise’ but we all know faddy diets and workout regimes are hard to stick to.  This is where our Virtue Water® Machines come in.


Ionized alkaline Virtue Water® is pH7 Neutral tap water that has undergone electrolysis inside our machines to become negatively charged. This process removes all the impurities from the pH7 tap water and leaving you with a higher pH (8.5-9.5), which makes it alkaline, leaving you with high alkaline pH9.5 water straight from your own tap.

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