Change The Way

You Hydrate


Don’t Just Drink: Think. Virtue Water

Change The Way

You Hydrate.


Don’t Just Drink: Think. Virtue Water

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Key Benefits Of

Virtue Water

Hydration & Drinkability

pH 8.5+

High Alkaline water is an excellent source of healthy hydration.  It also tastes better than tap water too. Try for yourself. 

Micro Clustering

Improved Water

“Micro Clustering” refers to the exceptionally small “structured” molecules of the alkaline water. Ionization changes tap water at a molecular level and restructure the molecules. Numerous benefits have been suggested in association with the phenomenon of micro clustering.



Tripple Filtered

Our machines triple filter your water before entering the Ionization chamber to convert your tap water to high alkaline water.


Improved taste

In side-by-side taste tests, most people can’t taste the difference between tap water or bottled water! Alkaline Virtue Water® has an improved taste, a better feel in the mouth and can also enhance the flavour of foods when cooking.

Wisdom is Knowing

Virtue is Doing


UK Installation

Convert your kitchen tap water to Virtue Water. Our expert installation service will install a Virtue Water® Ionizer into your home anywhere in the UK.

  • Monthly Finance Plans
  • 24/7 Customer/Machine Support
  • Convert Any Tap in UK
What is Ionized Water?
Ionized water is water that is processed to only leave behind useful ions for the body. Our Ionized Virtue Water® machines filter out all the ions that we don't need in our drinking water leaving you with a higher pH water (alkaline water)keeping you hydrated.
Filter out impurities
Nothing added to it
Auto Filters Tap Water
5 Year Machine Warranty


A Virtue Water ionizer uses a two-step process. The first task is to filter out harmful components of the water: chlorine, trihalomethanes, phenols, sediment, odor, taste, organic waste, and bacteria of all kinds. Our filters achieve with a multistage activated carbon filter containing tourmaline and coral calcium.

Next, a small electrical charge is introduced into the water through platinum-coated titanium electrodes. The process of electrolysis that follows takes place in a patented chamber designed to separate the water into two streams of ionized water.

Note: Virtue Water ionizers are typically installed  under your sink with a conversion kit.

Virtue Water® is a registered trademark and is the marketing term for Alkaline Ionized Water, i.e. water produced by our water ionizers.

Water ionizers are the health breakthrough that allow you to turn your kitchen tap into high alkaline water, by providing you with drinking water that can help:

• restore your alkaline balance and prevent the build up of the acid toxins.

• help keep you hydrated

• remove the contaminants that are present even in your municipal or district water

• taste so good and have such hydrating qualities, that you’ll drink more, and feel the higher levels of energy associated with good hydration.

It’s easy to be misled with trends. Don’t buy expensive bottled Alkaline Water that loses it’s alkalinity quickly, get a Virtue Water® Machine and bottle your own on the go.

Filtered water (and most home filtration system filters)  use a simple filter made of activated carbon (charcoal).

A properly designed carbon filter is capable of removing many toxic organic contaminants, but falls short of providing protection from dissolved solids, nitrates, high sodium, and fluoride levels.

Whereas a Virtue Water ionizer provides a much more thorough treatment of water: “multistage carbon and ceramic filter remove chlorine and other contaminants such as trihalomethanes, phenols, sediment, odor, taste, organic waste, heavy metals, and bacteria of all kinds.

As well, Virtue Water ionizers provide electrolysis (ionization): “An electric current is passed through the water, splitting it into two streams: Alkaline ionized water for drinking and cooking. Acid ionized water used for cleaning, disinfection, skin care & plants. 

Recently there’s been much talk about the unique and health-giving benefits of Virtue Water® which has done a fantastic job of introducing the concept of alkaline and acid water in the mainstream.

There are so many ‘bottled Alkaline Waters’ on the market but these waters quickly lose their alkalinity as soon as they are bottled.

Virtue Water® just happens to be a very popular brand of water ionizer, which has the same ability to split water into acid and alkaline streams as do all other water ionizers. For customers wanting the best value for their money, choose Virtue Water for you own fresh source of high alkaline water.


There's More...

Not only is Virtue Water® a great source of drinking water with untold benefits, but it’s also a source of other useful and amazing qualities.

Our water machines produce water ranging from pH 2.5 right up to pH 11 and with that comes a whole range of benefits that help you and family in the home.

Cleaning Water

pH 2.5 & below


For Sanitising


Use in First Aid

Odor Eliminator

Cleaning Wounds

Disinfectant Surfaces

Beauty Water

pH 5.5


Water Plants

After Shaving


Shine Glassware

High Rinse & Shine

Hygiene & Skin Care

Neutral Water

pH 7

Taking medication

Making baby formula

Virtue Water

pH 8.5-9.5

For Drinking

High Alkaline

Help Keep You Hydrated

Strong Virtue Water

pH 10+

In cooking

For Cleaning

Brushing Teeth

Removing Stains

Removing Grease

Prepping Vegetables

Drink Well

You Are What You Drink

At Virtue Water® we really believe you are what you drink. Feeling sluggish and bloated, chances are you’re not drinking enough water.

Our aim is to not only provide the best ionizers on the market but also help educate and train people on how to drink right and the benefits of staying hydrated using a Virtue Water® Machine.

We believe we offer the best ionizers available in the UK. Our machines can covert ANY tap in the UK to a fully functioning high alkaline tap that produces pH water from any level. We don’t just provide them we also install them as part of the price to give you peace of mind.

Our expert knowledge, experience, and premium customer service make us the number one choice for water ionizers in the UK.


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