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We’re making a splash in the UK market and this is due to our love for helping our customers understand the benefits of Virtue Water®.

We. Are. Virtue Water.

Virtue Water® started with the sole aim of educating the UK about the benefits of ionized water. Our Ionized Virtue Water® machines not only keep you hydrated but also save you hundreds of pounds per year on buying bottled water, cleaning sprays, bleach, and antibacterial products, etc. Our vow is to help educate and support our customers (as well as their friends and family members) in the many benefits of drinking high alkaline water from our machines as well as the other advantages of having a Virtue Water® Ionizer installed in your home. 

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  • Mission

    Our mission is for every home in the UK to have access to alkaline ionized water. Our aim is to bring all the health benefits healthy hydration from a Virtue Water® machine brings, to as many people as we can, by promoting the benefits of healthy hydration from our machines and making it affordable to everyone.

  • Vission

    Our vision is to raise awareness as quickly as we can that there is a better quality of water out there for everyone. A water that has so many benefits it can help improve your lifestyle. We all have access to unfiltered tap water but we aim to give affordable access to pure, filtered water to as many people in the UK as we can.

  • Promise

    Our guarantee is that we will give every one of our customers the best service possible with exceptional customer care as well as 100% satisfaction with your Virtue Water® Machine. If in the unlikely event that you encounter an issue, we promise we will do everything we can to make things right.

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