Tap Water v Bottled Water v Virtue Water

Tap Water v Bottled Water v Virtue Water

You may think all water is the same and that all water is… just water. Tap v bottled water is commonly searched in the internet but which one is better? If you ask anyone they’ll always have a preference whether they prefer bottled water, tap water or even a preference on a certain brand of bottled water.

Water sourced from different areas can have slightly different flavours, pH balances and colours, due to the certain minerals or elements found in the water. The same can be said of bottled water, depending on where they are sourced and how they are processed. But, is one type of water better than another? We investigate Tap v bottled water and how they compare to Virtue Water.

Tap Water

Water from your tap can vary in taste depending on where you live in the country. If you live in areas with soft water, the water has a distinctly different flavour to areas of hard water. The UK has one of the best drinking water process in the world, but how good is it?

Decades of scientific research and development have gone into making UK water some of the cleanest and freshest in the world. The process used to make water safe for drinking is done with chlorine and UV filters. UV filters are responsible for deactivating bacteria within water, making it safe to consume. For some though, levels of chlorine, fluoride are added to the water and it can pose an unknown health risk. There have even been trace elements of arsenic found in UK tap water.

In our tap water we have:

  • Liquified chlorine
  • Sodium silicofluoride
  • Aluminium sulphate
  • Fluorosilicic acid
  • Calcium hydroxide

While our water might be some of the safest in the world, these are still additives we don’t need in our body. These chemicals are added at treatment level to allow the water to survive the journey from the treatment facility to our tap without picking up any harmful germs or bacteria along the way.

Some people like to store their water in a Reverse Osmosis filter (carbon water filter) to filter out these chemical and any other impurities. While this does work it also rids the water of any good nutrients as well as lowers the pH level making the water more acidic.

Tap water usually runs about pH6.6-7.4 (neutral)

Bottled Water

Bottled water is mainly sold in plastic bottles which is terribly harmful to our environment, but the effect of plastic doesn’t end there. A recent study on 11 popular bottled water brands across 9 countries found that 93% of bottles contained some sort of microplastic. Microplastics are tiny fragments of plastic found in your “fresh” bottled water – definitely not what you want to find in your sealed/untouched bottle of water.

It is still unclear how the microplastic makes its way into the bottles which is a major cause for concern. As of yet, there is no evidence to say that the small fragments of plastic are causing damage to those who drink it, but it can only be a matter of time before a study is released and lets be honest, it’s something we’re definitely not made aware of and something we would NOT choose to drink given the choice. Some bottled water have been measured as low as pH5.5. Water ideally must be at least pH7 Neutral however does anyone know how long your bottle has been sat in a warehouse or on the shelf before you purchase it and drink it?

Watch this video below provided by the BBC on what’s in your bottled water.

Virtue Water

Virtue Water is water that is filtered and then ionised thought an electrolysis chamber providing you with, fresh, filtered pH 9.5 Alkaline Water. Our machines change tap water at a molecular level and restructure the molecules. Numerous benefits have been how-virute-ionizers-worksuggested in association with the phenomenon of micro clustering.

The machines work like you very own water treatment plant. The water enters the machine and through the filter. This removes any impurities found in the tap water as well as removing the fluoride, chlorine and other additives. It then passes into the electrolysis chamber where it’s split into acidic and alkaline water by restructuring the molecules of your water. The machine can then produce high alkaline water pH9.5, filtered, fresh right into your glass in your very own home.



Tap v Bottled Water v Virtue Water … which one wins for you? We’re not going to state the obvious but we think the facts speak for themselves. Tap water is great but there really is additives in there we don’t need in our body. Bottled water… not for us… we’d rather not be drinking plastic thanks. Plus the amount of plastic waste really is unnecessary. Virtue Water… pH 9.5 fresh Alkaline Water direct from your own tap. Yes please!

Interested in Virtue Water in the home?

Would you like High Alkaline Water source in your own home? If you’d like more information and reduce plastic waste, or would like to improve your hydration why not give us a call or speak to one of our team by emailing us, calling us or clicking on the WhatsApp icon to chat live and direct with a specialist who can answer any of your questions.

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