What Is pH?

What Is pH?

pH stands for “potential hydrogen”. It is a measurement or scale that provides an indication of the level of hydrogen in a substance. Proper body pH is an important factor in good health. If any substance changes from pH 7 to pH 8, it has become ten times more alkaline. Conversely, if it has changes from neutral pH 7 to pH 6, it is 10 times more acidic.

Did you know: If you take a glass of the best selling Cola that comes in a red can, this carbonated soft drink has a pH of 2.5 meaning it is almost 50,000 times more acidic than your tap water. So to balance out the pH 2.5 glass of cola you would need to drink 32 glasses of pH 7 tap water due to the acid in the drink.

Our bodies pH can be affected at any time of the day by a variety of different factors such as; food, drink, stress, pollution, exercise. We can combat these harmful factors by meditation, by drinking alkaline water, by deep breathing, eating a high alkaline diet or even by just being happy.

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